Regression Testing:
Ultimate Candidate
for Automation

Regression Testing:

Ultimate Candidate for Automation

Free webinar on Thursday, February 29.

Maximize your testing efficiency for top-notch product delivery. A must-watch webinar for C-level executives, lead developers, and stakeholders poised for innovation.

Maryia Kharitcheva
Head of IT Department
at IBA Group
Julia Mikitjuk
Head of Automation
Testing at IBA Group

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Agenda highlights

Selection criteria

Determining the suitability of regression test cases.

Testing types

A deep dive into prevalent regression test scenarios.

Overcoming challenges

Strategies for tackling common automation roadblocks.

Live insights

Determining the suitability of regression test cases.

Myth busting

Debunking resource misconceptions and revealing true ROI.

Real-life success stories

Exclusive insights into real-world case studies from IBA Group's portfolio.

The true value
of regression testing

Optimizing automation for dependable testing

Reducing manual workload

Empowering the role of human testers

Realizing a faster time-to-market

Reducing costs

Employing a quality-driven approach

IBA Group

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Our expertise spans

QA testing & automation

Enterprise solutions

Cloud technologies

Artificial Intelligence


SAP services

Mainframe maintenance

Data management solutions

Penetration testing


countries with
IBA Group presence

employees worldwide

projects for customers
from 50+ countries

Transforming regression testing for a leading EMEA-based taxi service

“Facing prolonged regression tests and an overwhelmed QA team, IBA Group delivered a tailored solution that integrated seamlessly with our complex system. Their 24/7 auto-test launches transformed our imperfect resolution speed. Plus, their user-friendly reports became essential tools for decision-making. We experienced efficiency boosts, enhanced product quality, and notable cost savings.”

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Discover the true value of regression testing

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